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Under Karah’s guidance, I have gained confidence and courage and am able to recognize and continually improve my contributions to my family, workplace, and community.  I am able to evaluate what is truly important to me as a well-rounded individual and overlay my values, goals and ideals in my actions.

- Kelley, Deputy County Manager

Lovingly, expertly, and on many occasions, Karah has coached others along this path of self-discovery.  Many a skeptic has voiced apprehension over engaging in such personal focus.  But then, and only because of Karah’s deft hand as a coach and, most importantly, genuine desire to be your friend, they have quickly realized the puissance of their own leadership potential, which they could have found through no other way than by braving self-intimacy.


- Karl, Fire Chief

Karah Maloley is one of the most accomplished facilitators I have ever met. We have worked together over several years guiding numerous small groups through leadership development retreats. The results were always heart-warming. 


Her compassion combined with an innate sense of wisdom allows her to guide conversations in such a way that people really open up to her. And she has a wonderful sense of humor. People love Karah.


- JHK, author

Karah has an extensive knowledge of management and leadership principles. As a team leader she conveys practical and applicable information that I have been able to put into use in my role as a leader. Her interpretation of management and leadership issues is always insightful and her ideas are thought provoking. She is very adept at connecting to each individual she works with on a personal level. 


- Linda, Director

Karah facilitated leadership training for my staff in two different organizations over the last four years. She facilitated two different sessions for fire officers in Vail, and two different sessions for executive staff and fire officers in Loveland, Co. The leadership training centered around development of, and understanding of, our personal core values, strengths, calling in life, and understanding and developing a purpose statement that incorporates all the aforementioned aspects.


Karah has amazing insight in regards to leadership development, what drives leaders, and what it takes to live to your full potential as a leader and human being. She incorporates humor, as well as a depth and breadth of experience, including her own personnel leadership journey and challenges she has faced that have shaped her character. Karah is approachable, relatable, an encourager, mentor, and facilitates large or small groups with confidence and ease.


My staff/employees loved Karah and we look forward to doing more leadership development with her in the future.


I highly recommend Karah for leadership development, whether it be for you or your employees!


- Mark, Fire Chief

Karah's unique ability to get me to dig deep and really take a good, hard look at my thoughts, habits, strengths, weaknesses and so much more, has changed my life forever. Looking at my past, present and future, clients, successes, failures, both professionally and personally, has ignited permanent positive change in my perceptions, opinions, processes, goals, and behavior that I needed to succeed in the future. Karah has the ability to draw out the muck and sift through it so that you can be free to achieve whatever it is that you need. She is AMAZING.

- Katie, Professional Coaching Client

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